Step into the wild with TEDxRambaug Adventure, where curiosity meets conservation in the captivating landscape of Rani Baug Zoo

23 june 2024

C.M. Gandhi Stadium,
Bailbazar, Kalyan

Phase 1

Success of Penguins

Phase 1 took us into the world of penguins with Dr. Abhishek Satam, where we learned about their triumphs, habitat intricacies, and the dedicated care provided at Rani Baug Zoo


Phase 2

TEDxRambaug Speakers

Phase 2 introduced us to the TEDxRambaug realm, showcasing past speakers who had graced the Adventure event, all masterfully hosted by Dr. Abhishek Satam.


Phase 3

Zoo Trail

Discovered the enchanting world of wildlife in Phase 3, as the TEDxRambaug team traversed the Zoo trail, encountering rare animal, plant, and bird species, and delved into the intricacies of forest and animal enrichment.


Phase 4

Web of Life Activity

In Phase 4, Dr. Satam unveiled the complexities of the 'Web of Life,' emphasizing the symbiotic relationships, the pressing issue of animal conservation, and the interdependence of all organisms in the ecosystem


Phase 5

History Session

Experienced the grand finale of the TEDxRambaug Adventure in Phase 5, with a captivating movie detailing the history of Rani Baug Zoo, followed by an insightful Q&A session with Dr. Satam.

Special Thanks

Abhishek Satam


Ranichi Baugh


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